Your personalized ROADMAP
to creating consistent $20k MONTHS 
in 6 weeks.

The Quantum CreationTM Program Intention:

Ditch your Guru.

Self-Diagnose like a Badass.

Identify your unique manifestation process. 

Increase the speed at which you consistently generate $$ so that you can focus on your soul's legacy instead of your bottom line.

Create more ease and profitability in your biz.

10x Your Growth Toolkit.

If you are here, I know you are deeply invested in your own purpose and evolution.
You are so frigging DONE with inconsistent income, results, and growth.

You are done with the... 

terror, doubt, worry, financial + relationship stress, health issues, and panic
that come from the unpredictability of your actions and results.

You are ready for consistent, predictable, on-demand, 
$20k+ revenue months.

Quantum CreationTM is about
creating multi-six figure growth
using manifestation + vibration + mindset + alignment.

HECK YES I Want to Apply!!

The program is by application only,
to ensure that everyone in the program
is ready for this type of next level growth.

  • Emma Churchman

    “Emma’s grounding is what attracts my energy - nothing phases her, she can easily hold space for others. It’s calming. I received deep deep breakthroughs that I hadn’t even known needed to be worked through. Emma’s gifts are numerous. I was honored and super impressed with my experience. ”

    Health and Wellness Coach

  • Emma Churchman

    “Each time I work with Emma I feel myself daring to stake my claim in a territory that feels promptly terrifying and strangely familiar. Once again, Emma constantly mirrored the beauty, power and greatness in me that I sometimes doubt I possess. She challenged me. I leaned in. I climbed through some mud and muck and came out clearer, cleaner and more committed than ever to just get the hell out of the way and allow my Genius to shine! Emma’s “for reals,” peeps.”

    Feminine Leadership Mentor and Voice Empowerment Master

Here's What is Included in the Online Program: 

Video Lessons in 4 Modules
($10,000 Value)

Comprehensive Video Lessons, released in 4 Modules. Each lesson is 5-20 minutes long (also available as audio-only) with downloadable transcripts. There is a worksheet for each lesson with 1-5 exercises that help you identify your unique process.

Facebook Community

24/7 access to a Facebook community of like-minded conscious folks, who are also creating their quantum roadmaps. This is THE place to share your breakthroughs, ahas, and celebrations!

Q&A Calls

Weekly Q&A Calls on everything you are learning in the program. Calls are recorded + recordings made available.

Expert Guidance

Emma hosts "office hours" weekly in the FB community for live interaction to help you reinforce and integrate what you are learning. 

Online Member Space

An online portal where you can access all of the lessons and worksheets, link to the Facebook community, and get details about the Q&A calls and call recordings.

Level 2:
Quantum Creation Certification

Upon completion of the Level 1 training, you become eligible to enroll in Level 2 certification, where you learn diagnostic tools + techniques to help your clients with their next level growth. *Additional Fee required.


I'm Emma Churchman, a Spiritual Teacher and Manifestation Queen.  

Not to brag, but I spent the first 17 years of my entrepreneurial journey
failing in all possible ways.

But then in 30 days I went from $500 months to $20k+ months,
and multi-six figures in one year, with a basic website and no email list.


And I began teaching my high-achieving clients 
how to get the same results in six months or less.

Enter Quantum CreationTM:

The exact process
I have guided myself and my highest achieving clients through,
who have invested $25k - $100k to work with me...
and now YOU get access to this magic in a 6 week group program.

I'm Ready for $20k+ Months!

Quantum CreationTM teaches you how to
quantum leap your way to consistent $20k months.

  • By having the education + tools that provide you with a complete working understanding of the mechanics of our Universe.

  • By blasting way beyond the buzzwords and grounding the concepts of "manifestation, "vibration," "money consciousness," and "Universal Laws."

  • By bringing these spiritual, high level concepts into practical, understandable, repeatable, tangible tools to diagnose and repair leaks in your processes.

Ultimately what happens in this program is we synthesize your intellectual, physical, emotional, and spiritual intelligences which is:

The Blueprint for Quantum Growth.

Without this integration
you will continue to experience hit-or-miss results...

..and your heart will continue to ache for what you COULD Be, Do and Have.

I'M READY for $20k+ MONTHS!
  • Emma Churchman

    “Emma helped me bridge the gap between myself and my soul/spirit. Before working with Emma, I always held on to the idea that I was here and my spirit was there. My spirit could do things my body couldn't, and vice/versa. But through our work they merged. I suddenly didn't need prayers or positive affirmations to make things happen at the soul level because my soul, my divinity was seen in my body. And that made everything so much easier, so much more pleasurable, and so much more fun.”

    Erotic Energy Coach

  • Emma Churchman

    ““If you feel stuck in your business, Emma is a master at helping you shift vibration to uplevel your business - and your life. It can happen FAST so strap on your seatbelt! ””

    Life and Career Coach

  • Emma Churchman

    “Emma Churchman kicks Manifesting B*tt! Her no nonsense and grounded approach touched me on all levels. She clearly knows her stuff...and ours, too! With precision and love, she gets to the heart of what it takes for conscious entrepreneurs to get out there and be a success. We definitely need more like her on this planet!!! Thanks, Emma! ”

    Seriously Orange Studio

  • Emma Churchman

    “Emma’s wisdom, insights, and exercises have already helped me shift my vibe and transform my business so that I'm accelerating toward my goal (like a freakin' comet!). Emma is a spiritual rockstar!”

    Author of the Repo Girl series and Publisher at Blue Morpho Books

  • Emma Churchman

    “Emma has a unique awesome way of expressing things so people can understand on a deeper level what’s really going on energetically when we uplevel.”

    General Contractor

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